About us

Our little family is comprised of my husband, myself, 8 dogs and 4 cats. Pet lovers forever, with a special affection for dogs, we are both Cynologist and have worked for several years studying the relationship of dogs with humans for a better understanding and coexistence with them.

A Cynologist is a professional who has extensive knowledge of the dog's needs and the mistakes to avoid, so that the dog is well balanced. We utilize our experience and education with the goal that puppies that are born in our home will be confident , open and trusting, which will allow an easy transition when they depart to their new homes ,which we believe will be for the benefit and happiness for both the puppy and new owner.

Des Etoiles D’Akyra American Akitas


Why a family breeding ?

We each have a breed we are passionate about and it is natural that we decided to create our small dream for these two breeds.

Beyond the physical aspects both the White Swiss Shepherd and American Akita bring, in their own way a touch, that brightens our lives.

They each have their own character and way of understanding the world. Observation and living with them has taught us a lot and is a real pleasure. Sharing our lives with them is an endless happiness.

We share our home with our dogs and cats. Thus, we actually live our lives with all our animals and everyone lives in harmony.

Our breeding goal is simple: we want to breed pups with a great genetic selection of their parents, and make them even more special with our knowledge of Cynology. To this end we have established a comprehensive development program for each puppy which is accomplished by positive and smooth transition in its physical, mental and emotional development.


Our breeding goals for the American Akita

The story begins with a very very long ... wait Heaven is our first female American Akita. Cohabitation with her has made me join my husband's passion for this wonderful breed. Unfortunatel even if she came from a famous French breeder, she was not well typed, prognathous too small . So we decided to spay her and keep her away from our breedings plan because we love so much well typed American Akita and we don't want to do wrong with this amazing and so special Breed.

Des Etoiles D’Akyra American Akitas

That's why we decided to gave our trust to foreign breeders and Import all our Akita which will be the heart of our breeding.

Today, we are so proud to call these breeders our dear friends. We are always on contact with them, we send them pictures of their babies and if we need some advices, they are always here for us.

Brenda, Linda, Jayne, Faye & Carol we are so proud to have a baby from you......we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We will pay close attention to the matings which will emphasis on health (X-ray hips and elbows, eyes tested and genetic map), behavior and physical match whilst adhering to the FCI standard and our tastes.

PAW Beautiful rounded head

PAW Ears not too big and well attached

PAW Beautiful feet

PAW Great bones

PAW Well balanced construction

are all the qualities we are looking for in The American Akita.

The character of our dogs is really important to us, our Akita's live together with our Shepherds. So it makes sense for us to pay particular attention to temperament of our selected parents to continue the good work done by their breeders.